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Swedish Sports Massage Acupressure Reflexology Prenatal Lymphatic Drainage Fibromyalgia
Reiki Couples Hot Stone Massage Pure Heaven Therapeutic Deep Tissue Neck Pain


***All Massage Services "Out Call Only"***


Massage Services 50 Minutes 80 Minutes
Acupressure $70 $100
Chair Massage/Onsite  $1.50  Per
Couples Massage $70ea $100ea
Deep Tissue Massage $80 $110
Fibromyalgia Treatment $85 $115
Geriatrics Massage $85 $115
Hotel-In Room Any Massage $120 $150
Lymphatic Drainage $85 $115
Therapeutic Massage $85 $115
Pre-Natal Massage $85 N/A
Reiki $70 $100
Reflexology $70 N/A
Couples Massage Course Our Place $170  ea. 2 Hours
Couples Massage Course Your Place $190  ea. 2 Hours
Scalp & Facial Massage $70 N/A
Sports Massage $85 $115
Swedish Massage $70 $100
Trigger Point $75 $105
Pure Heaven Massage $85 $115
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Scalp and Facial Massage


                    Benefits of Scalp Massage 

Scalp massage done once in a week with warm oil provides you with the following benefits.

It helps in lubrication and conditioning of the scalp while preventing dry scalp and flakes.

It increases the blood circulation of the head and the neck area.

It increases the scalp flexibility and also relaxes your scalp.

It helps in strengthening of the hair roots and nourishing the hair shafts.

It promotes new hair growth and also strengthens the existing hairs.

It conditions and softens the hair hence making it more manageable.

It increases the luster and vibrancy of the hair by spreading the natural oil.

It also protects hair from the harmful effects of harsh weather and sun.

It rejuvenates and replenishes dry and damaged hair.  It also prevents extreme fragility and split-ends.

Scalp massage helps in relaxing muscles of the neck area.

Scalp and hair massage promotes sound sleep in the night.

Benefits of Facial Massage

Facial massage is a very popular Western beauty treatment to slow down the aging process and achieve younger looking and healthier skin. It is also used to relieve stress, migraine headache, premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and sinus congestion. It may involve a whole massage session, a portion of a whole-body massage or a part of a facial treatment. Facial massage can be done by a professional massage therapist, an esthetician, or a cosmetologist. Simple massage can also be done at home. Massage of the face is usually done with the hands; however, mechanical massaging devices are also used in beauty salons or spas. A small amount of oil or lotion is often applied to facilitate movement over the delicate facial areas.

In Eastern therapies, facial massage is part of a full-body treatment in which pressure points on the face and neck are stimulated in order to release blockages in the flow of qi, or vital energy. Lotions or oils are not used on the face in acupressure, shiatsu, or yoga techniques of facial massage.


Massage has been used for pain relief, healing and cosmetic improvement by people of all cultures since ancient times. The first written record of massage therapy is a Chinese medical text dating from the third century B.C. The ancient Greeks, Persians, Japanese, and Indians also recorded the use of massage treatment in great detail in their early medical literature.

The Western version of facial massage as a cosmetic treatment is a relatively recent twentieth-century innovation. It has become especially popular in Europe. Many of the best-known European practitioners have set up shop in the United States and taught others. This form of facial massage has generally been regarded as belonging more to estheticians and makeup artists than to massage therapists.


Western-style facial massage may offer the following potential benefits:


 This service is a add on only charged at time of service. $20.00