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Catherine teaches several modalities that are all NCBTMB & Nevada State Board approved.


During all of the modality technique training classes, not only will you learn how to apply the modality, but you will also learn proper posture so you will be able to have longevity in the work place and the proper techniques to apply to your clients so they will come back to you again and again.


Most of you know that you are able to take courses in many different ways, such as online, seminars, book courses, video courses etc.  This course deals with some video to show you what to do and what not to do and 2/3ís of the course is strictly hands on Proper Technique Training.


This brings to mind a scenario that I personally experienced in college, where I had a professor that was teaching business.  I went to him and asked if he had ever had a business and he said no.  Even though I had respect for his teaching abilities, I began to question myself as to why he would teach something that he had not experienced himself.  With Catherine, she has the experience and the ability to teach the modality to you.  In the real world there are a few ways that courses can be taught.  Most people it has been proven learn by show and tell, book smarts or street smarts.  Street smarts happens to be the real world that most people truly learn by and retain the experiences for a lifetime.  This course in addition to all of Catherineís courses is a Street smart course with show and tell that you will receive. 


There is a Protocol section provided for you in your paper work and We want you to write your own protocol in your own words for your future reference.  I urge you very strongly to watch Catherine and write the steps down as she demonstrates the step by step procedure.  The reason we do not provide you with a protocol is because that is what so many others do and after the class is over, students are scratching their head trying to make sense of it.  If you wrote it, you will remember it and you will be able to refer to it any time in the future.  So let me say it one more time, write your own protocol when the time comes for the Hands on technique training. 

A little background on Catherine. 

25 years combined teaching to hundreds of students, performing and practicing the art of massage therapy in several spa settings has given Catherine the ability to pass on many techniques and attributes to others.  French born and raised with an extensive medical and professional experienced background gives her the privilege and pleasure to provide you with quality hands-on proper technique training to advance your skills to the highest possible level.

 In addition to regular clients and private clients, she has been called upon to service VIPís, show biz types, owners of Hotels and the 8th richest man in the world, KP Singh, although not the 8th anymore since the real estate crash.


 She has been labeled by many of her clients as an Angel, a Healer etc., but not  in the Mystical sense.  She is an artist and all her power is in her hands and has proven techniques which she will pass on to you with her signature theme Real Hands-ON Proper Technique Training



Certificate of Achievement same day of Completion.                 



Pro# 450999-09                                   NVMT1012


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